About Ink

we are ink designs, work on full service as we make the whole process of construction and interior design easy  and fun for our clients, we have hundred of samples of top quality achieved projects, we have been making hundreds of projects all around egypt as we had been specalizied in this career since 1970 under the name of the company El yousr our old branding name, now we are the same company but with the freshly new branding name Ink designs for construction, architecture and interior designs.

Our Work

Ink designs brings 45 years of experience right to your mega store, mini store , home or office. Our design professionals are specializes in manufacturing projects we typically supply a turn key package to whole process from the design stage includes preliminary scoping and design,pricing,equipment,procurement,detailed design,construction,plant start up services and interior design services. Since our meetings are in your home or office, it will be easier visualizing our design solution. We will also know everything fits perfectly and coordinates with your existing furnishings. 
Ink design complete projects tailored to individual styles &need of its clients , on budget &on time.

What We Do


Is the process of preparing for and forming buildings and building systems, which start with planning, design and financing then continues until the structure is ready for occupancy.
We build, trust and open communication are the foundation of every project issues always arise .it is how those items are handled and communicated that makes all the difference .at ink design, we put our experience and expertise to work to create ne processes and offer practical solution, along with pricing and schedule impacts, for timely and informed decision making 
This is what it means to be part of collaborative team working together to develop methods and find solutions to ensure projects success, we are ink design.


The inventive processes of exploring, envisioning and artfully executing allow us the opportunity to design and build one of kind commercial and residential projects, we fuse logic with imagination and innovation with functionality .our design approach is holistic we tap into the context, culture, environment and climatic influences as well as our individual clients needs on every project.
We form partnership with our clients and together explore all design aspects in order to elevate the standards of architectural design.

Interior Design

Is the art process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building?
We offer a multi layered approach to each project and design challenge, drawing on the influences of fashion, art, technology, history and travel to create passionate interiors with a modern sensibility, by leveraging our interdisciplinary structure ,we can tap the resources and expertise of the architects and designers at vertical arts to create interior spaces that are an integrated whole , our style is indefinable ,yet constantly evolving because our vision is a reflection of our clients vision.

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