About Ink

About us:

We are ink designs, work on full service as we make the whole process of construction and interior design easy and fun for our clients, we have hundred of samples of top quality achieved projects, we have been making hundreds of projects all around egypt as we had been specalizied in this career since 1970 under the name of the company El yousr our old branding name, now we are the same company but with the freshly new branding name Ink designs for construction, architecture and interior designs.


Our mission:

Our mission is to design and create excellence, responsibly and sustainabilty master pieces of your own choice wether you enjoy surrounding your self with the time honored traditional design, we are specializes in manufacturing projects and typically supply a turn key package to whole process from design stage till the way to the finished project. Let the skilled professionals at Ink Design handle your projects and turn it on.
Our ultimate goal will always be designing spaces that reflects your taste and lifestyle, your way your budget..


Our vision:

Our vision is to become the most accurate and complete source for architects, interior designers, decorate and remodelers so we develop and creat your unlimate dream and transform it into a live masterpiece.
Also we would be honoured to take the leadership to be your voice, vision and mind,
as whatever your project involves we have the products and ideas that will match your ideas and suits your needs, wether its for your home or office,
We believe in simple not complex, we dont settle for anything less than picture perfect in every project our company works on,
as our number one goal will always remain to help our clients enjoy life, and afford them all the tools to help them creating their own source of inspiration to start everyday.